The inventor Magnar Reigstad has terminated his activities in the company Kloster Rescue Systems and has in June 2022 established a new company called Kloster Evacuation Technology in cooperation with Dimeq AS.

Through this collaboration, our 2 companies will offer the maritime industry in general, and the cruise industry in particular, a unique and revolutionary rescue system that will undoubtedly make the evacuation of passengers and crew safe and secure in an efficient and controlled manner.

We work for a safer life for everyone at sea, and have developed a lifeboat that improves all aspects of previous solutions. You enter the lifeboat, which is enclosed in the ship, safely and dry. The capsule, which is either aft facing or side facing, is sent gently and comfortably out into the sea at an angle during evacuation. The lifeboat is equipped with several engines to create a safe distance to the ship and carry an inflatable ramp for further evacuation to a helicopter.

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Magnar Reigstad

Magnar has a background as a boat designer and inventor, and ever since he lost a friend in the Alexander Kielland accident, he has been highly motivated on finding ways to improve safety at sea. After the Sleipner disaster, as well as the almost accident with the cruise ship at Hustadvika, he has worked on designing equipment that could have prevented or reduced the extent of all three of these accidents. Along the way, he constructed the famous Torpedolifeboat, which is the starting point for the complete evacuation system he is launching today.

Audun Viktor Bakke

Audun has more than 50 years of experience in the maritime industry. He has been eagerly involved in business management, vessel management and as a captain for a variety of vessels, including seismic and cruise vessels. Audun has extensive experience with ISM/IMCA audits and has been active in developing safety management systems. He has been substantially involved in the advancement of modern vessel design and new build projects internationally.

Collaboration Partner

Real-time positioning of passengers and crew - during alarm and evacuation

Dimeq’s solution is a breakthrough for Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Enviroment (QHSSE) onboard vessels and offshore installations.

Dimeq’s system provides full coverage of the entire vessel or offshore installation.

Dimeq’s innovative monitoring system will immediately locate anyone who needs help in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Immediate detection of person overboard with a set of environmental sensors

The cutting edge technology behind EyeD enables immediate rescue procedures to be initiated.

Dimeq’s technological advancements will also enhance the work of rescue teams and increase their safety.

Operations will be monitored from the Brindge to ensure that real-time positioning information is conveyed with minimal risk to the team and people requiring assistance.

Most efficient automatic mustering system

Crew and passengers are registered at their dedicated muster station as soon as they enter a muster zone on any type of vessel or offshore installation.

The automatic muster system can register an unlimited number of people within seconds.

Statistical data analysis for mapping and prevention of future accidents

The EyeD system collects statistical data that makes it possible to create tailored reports that can act as accident documentation and convey important information for operational improvements.